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New Temporary Exhibit

Trophy mount of bugling bull elk from Colorado

A Colorado elk has come to visit the Wyoming bighorns! This fabulous bugling bull elk mount is visiting for a few months. It ranks #3 for all-time atypical elk hunted by archery in Colorado. This bull was taken by Jess Hargrave in the Pike National Forest in 2007. The taxidermy is by Joe Hargrave of Jackson, Wyoming. Many thanks to Joe and Jess for providing this temporary exhibit. Please come welcome our visitor from Colorado.

Four rams on display at the National Bighorn Sheep Center

Meet four species of wild sheep that are found in North America.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ewe and Lamb on Sheep Mountain

Come explore the world of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. The central display, "Sheep Mountain", is a 16-feet tall diorama that recreates the summer and winter habitats of the Bighorns. It includes plants and other animals that share their home.

Interactive Exhibits

The exhibits include several hands-on interactive displays that will engage, educate and entertain visitors of all ages! Try the computer game "How Would You Manage the Herd?". Identify animal tracks and fur samples. Listen to a variety of local people telling their own sheep story. (Everyone here has one!)

An Ancient Sheepeater Indian Petroglyph

Examine a recreation of an ancient Sheepeater Indian sheep trap, and make your own drawing of a petroglyph based on an original design that was created hundreds of years ago. Ponder the skillful creation of a sheep horn bow, a highly prized possession among the early inhabitants of this area.

The Center also includes a theater where the short film "Life of the Bighorn" is shown regularly.

Grizzly Bear Mount at the National Bighorn Sheep Center

Our dioramas include full-body taxidermy mounts of a grizzly bear, marmot, wolf, golden eagle, mule deer, chipmunk, pika, coyote, mountain goat, bushy-tailed woodrat, mountain lion and more!

Coyote on Sheep Mountain at the National Bighorn Sheep Center

Examine predator/prey relationships. See the mountain environment through the eyes of a bighorn sheep. Compare the heartbeat of a bighorn sheep to the heartbeat of other animals. Explore the survival strategy of migration. There are many experiences to be enjoyed at the National Bighorn Sheep Center!