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Photo Gallery

Our Facebook friend Rebecca Abbott graciously sent us these photos taken in Yellowstone National Park. They clearly show the ewes shedding off their heavy winter coats and the shorter summer coats coming in underneath. Thank you, Rebecca!

Photo of bighorn ewes shedding winter coats A bighorn ewe shedding her winter coat

Our friends Barb and Mike Neal, of Arizona, were lucky enough to find this albino Rocky Mountain Bighorn ram in the Wind River Canyon of Wyoming during the summer of 2012. We really appreciate their sharing these photos with us. We have had reports of this ram being seen for at least three years now.

An albino ram in the Wind River Canyon of Wyoming, 2012 Photo of an albino ram in Wyoming, 2012

Many thanks to Mark Gocke of the Wyoming Game & Fish Department for sharing his photos of the sheep trapping project of Jan. 12 and 13, 2012. More photos may be seen at Special Report.

Restraining captured bighorns
Many hands are needed to restrain the sheep
A captured ram is released
Testing completed, a ram is released

Please enjoy viewing our gallery of Bighorn Sheep photographs. Here you will find photographs by professional photographers as well as amateurs. Do you have photographs of wild sheep that you would like to share with other viewers of this site? We can post them here! Please contact us first for details. Please see our copyright notice below.

Rams and ewes near Plains, MT
Rams and Ewes Near Plains, MT by Toby Bridges, November, 2011
Bighorns near Plains, MT
Bighorns near Plains, MT by Toby Bridges
November, 2011
Photo of Bighorn Sheep by Dick Spencer
Bighorn Sheep, by Dick Spencer
Photo of Bighorns by Dick Spencer
by Dick Spencer of Pika Street Photography
Bighorn Rams Butting Heads
Rams in Whiskey Basin, by Kurt Johnson
Bighorn Ram in Whiskey Basin
Whiskey Basin Ram, by Kurt Johnson
Bighorn Ewe on Trap Site Bait
Whiskey Mt. Ewe on Trap Site Bait, Suzan Moulton
Bighorns Coming to Trap Site Bait
Bighorns Coming to Trap Site, Suzan Moulton
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram
Photo by Tim Bernard
Adult Bighorn Sheep Ram
Photo by Tim Bernard
Young Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram
Photo by Suzan Moulton
Group of Rams near Trail Lake, Dubois, Wyoming
Photo by Suzan Moulton
Mule Deer Buck photographed near Dubois, Wyoming
Photo by Suzan Moulton
Ancient Sheepeater Indian Petroglyph near Dubois, Wyoming

The above photos by Suzan Moulton were taken during one of our guided wildlife viewing tours to Whiskey Basin in December, 2010. The rams were enjoying each others company not far from the road, and sheep are not the only wildlife seen during these tours!

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