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Whiskey Mountain
Disease Testing Project

A very successful bighorn sheep trapping project was completed on Jan. 12 and 13, 2012. Samples for disease testing were taken from 36 sheep on Torrey Rim on Thursday and from 11 sheep on Sheep Ridge on Friday. Over 50 wildlife agency personnel and volunteers worked together on a cold and windy Wyoming morning to implement a plan that had been many months in the making. The samples taken include nasal and throat swabs and blood draws. The tested sheep also received antibiotics and antiparasitics. Follow the links below to read the Summary Report of February, 2012 from Greg Anderson of the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, the project's leader, or the original Special Report of July, 2011 outlining the initial concerns.

Enjoy these wonderful photos of the trapping efforts taken by Mark Gocke of the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

Sunrise on Torrey Rim sheep trap
Sunrise hits the trap on Torrey Rim
Capturing bighorn sheep
Many hands are needed to restrain the sheep
Drawing a blood sample from a bighorn
Drawing a blood sample
A captured ewe being restrained
A ewe is untangled from the net
A bighorn ewe is released
Testing completed, the ewe is released
All done, trappers returning to vehicles
Work all done, good job everyone!