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Information for Teachers and School Groups

The National Bighorn Sheep Center welcomes school groups and classrooms of any age, any size. Organized educational groups on a pre-arranged visit have FREE admission.
We can provide guided tours of the exhibits, activities, discussions and films geared to a groups age or specific interests. Please call (307) 455-3429 in advance to schedule your visit.

Traveling Trunks

It's an exhibit in a box!
For a hands-on, close-up look at bighorn sheep biology, order one of our traveling trunks. No, we can't send you a live sheep, but our trunks include a tanned full-size cape, or hide, of a bighorn sheep, a skull and horns from a ram and a preserved sheep hoof, as well as lesson plans, books, handouts and more. There is no charge to use a trunk, but we do ask that you pay for the return shipping. We will ship a trunk anywhere in the contiguous United States. Please call or send an e-mail to reserve your trunk.

Bighorn Lamb
Photo by Deb Robinett
Bighorn Ram
Photo by Deb Robinett