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May 17-19th: Wyoming Outdoors Expo

Thursday, May 17th – Saturday, May 19th, 9am-3pm every day: Wyoming Outdoors Expo, Casper Events Center, Casper, WY This free event celebrates different ways to get outside and have fun and is hosted by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. NBSC will have a booth focused on family-fun activities about bighorn sheep and their habitat.

April 19th: Upper Wind River Valley Elk Migration Presentation

Thursday, April 19th: Upper Wind River Valley Elk Migration Presentation by Wyoming Game and Fish Biologist Greg Anderson, Sunroom at Headwaters Events Center, Dubois Learn about the amazing elk migrations in our own backyard of the Upper Wind River Valley. Lander Region Biologist Greg Anderson with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department will share a […]

April 2nd – May 16th: ATLAS Exhibit, Thunder Feathers

Monday, April 2nd-Wednesday, May 16th: The ATLAS Exhibit, Thunder Feathers: Greater Sage-Grouse Strut the Plains, Ron Ball Gallery This special temporary exhibit opens at the National Bighorn Sheep Center, with a special opening presentation on Thursday, April 5th at 5pm with ATLAS Coordinator Melissa Hemken. Thunder Feathers highlights, through arts and sciences, Greater Sage-grouse behavior […]

Feb 22nd, 6pm: Annual Meeting

Thursday, February 22nd, 6pm-9pm: Annual Meeting, Sunroom at Headwaters Events Center, Dubois Join members to enjoy a potluck dinner, learn about our education outreach and hear local bighorn herd updates. Whiskey Mountain bighorn sheep herd updates will be provided by Lander Regional Biologist Greg Anderson of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Special guest Pat […]

Feb 1st, 6pm: Wildlife Roadways tour: Supporting HB0039

Thursday, February 1st, 6pm-8pm: Wildlife Roadways Tour: Supporting HB0039: The Wyoming Wildlife Conservation Plate Annually in Wyoming, 24 million dollars is lost because of vehicle collisions with wildlife. Wyoming House Bill 0039 is a catalyst to arrest this problem. This is NOT just another license plate bill, it is the beginning of a legacy. Come […]