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Sheepeater Native American History

The Bighorn Sheep Center

features information about the Sheepeater

(also called the Mountain Shoshone) Native Americans. This culture inhabited the Dubois area for thousands of years and maintained a strong connection with wild sheep. Examine a re-creation of an ancient Sheepeater sheep trap. Make your own drawing of a petroglyph based on an original design created hundreds of years ago. See handmade winter boots made from bighorn sheep fur. Consider the creation of a sheep horn bow, a highly prized possession among this area’s earliest inhabitants. Our Sheepeater display also includes a collection of replica stone and bone tools, hand-tanned bighorn sheep hides, and many other items all made with materials from bighorn sheep. Our Sheepeater displays are unique to the National Bighorn Sheep Center. Come and learn!

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