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  • Eco Tours in Dubois WY


We begin with a walk-through of our exhibits at the National Bighorn Sheep Center, introducing you to the four subspecies of wild sheep located in North America, the current challenges facing wild sheep and management efforts, and the wild sheep ecosystem. Alongside the history of our herd’s declining population and other troubles, we provide knowledgeable guides, equipment, and transportation, and we can even arrange for bag lunches if desired.

Features of our tours:

  • Driving or hiking the Whiskey Basin Wildlife Habitat Management Area or the East Fork and Wiggins Fork Area.
  • Professional guide
  • Complimentary equipment
  • Bag lunches upon request
  • Customization of routes/landmarks/fields of study according to your interests

Our professional guide has spent a lifetime exploring the local wilderness. As we drive toward the Whiskey Basin Wildlife Habitat Management Area, you will enjoy a horizon encompassed by three majestic mountain ranges: the Wind River Range, the Absaroka Range toward Yellowstone, and the east-west trending Owl Creek Mountains. Our tours are designed to educate about local history, wildlife habitats, and wilderness in the field.

One of the first natural features you’ll notice on your tour is the area’s rolling, up-and-down landscape, and many boulders–these features exist thanks to the glaciers that covered this region 10,000-15,000 years ago. If you would prefer to hike this landscape instead of driving, we can make that happen: Our tours are completely customizable. Although wildlife sightings are not guaranteed, pronghorn antelope and mule deer are frequently seen in this area.

We ask for payment at the time of reservation. Tours are a minimum of $250, with an additional $125/person for groups with more than two guests.

Cancellation Policy: Any cancellation made fewer than 24 hours in advance of a tour will result in full forfeiture of payment.

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