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Taylor Bronze

The Taylor Bronze depicts a sheep hunter who has harvested a ram. The Taylor Bronze has been displayed in the National Bighorn Sheep Center since 2005, and auctioning name plates for display on this bronze raises money for the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation’s Conservation Education Fund and, more recently, the National Bighorn Sheep Center itself.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Commissioner Richard Ladwig of Manville, Wyoming is the 2022 name plate winner. Thank you Commissioner Ladwig for your support of the Center!

The Taylor Bronze was sculpted by Rick Taylor, one of the most renowned wildlife artists on the contemporary sculpture scene. In the words of Rick: “The commitment one makes to excel in a chosen field is, of course, very personal. I have promised myself to be as faithful to nature as possible and to recreate some of the magnificent wildlife that I have been privileged to observe, admire, and come to love. Hopefully some of these feelings come through for others as they experience my sculptures.”

Rick’s focus is centered on the wild sheep of the world but covers species and subjects from all corners of the globe. We are honored to have his work on display.

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