Bighorn Bash Annual Fundraiser

While the Bighorn Bash 2020 is not going to take place in-person due to Covid19, we will be offering a scaled-down (but still very exciting!) Bash 2020 Raffle with some awesome raffle prizes for you to help support the Center. More information to come but this raffle will take place starting in October 2020 and […]

Holiday Open House

Tuesday, December 1 - Saturday, December 5, 10am-4pm: 5 Days of Christmas — Come find some great Christmas gifts on sale each day and shop locally. FREE admission Saturday, December 5th!

Breakfast with Bighorns

Saturday, December 12, 8am-10am: Breakfast with Bighorns —Join Center staff for a driving tour and short trek to a local bighorn sheep viewing area. Coffee will be provided. Suggested $15 donation per person.


Outdoor Bighorn Viewing Event: Using Telemetry to Find Collared Sheep

Come learn how biologists and state agencies use telemetry equipment to find collared bighorn sheep! Staff from NBSC and WY G&F will answer questions, explain telemetry equipment and collar use on wild sheep, and more wildlife questions. Come prepared by dressing properly, bring any cameras, and don't forget a snack or warm travel mug of […]

How to Build a Winter Survival Shelter with Joe Brandl

Joe Brandl will show how winter survival shelters can save a life. This event will include information on what to carry in a pack, how to signal for help when in need, and how to construct simple snow shelters that can provide protection in the event a night is spent unexpectedly outdoors in the mountains.

Annual Meeting via Zoom

Our annual meeting will take place this February 27, 2021 for all who would like to attend via Zoom. This meeting is a chance to invite and involve the public in current and upcoming events at the center. We value your thoughts and would appreciate your attendance!

Winter’s Animal Tracks and Sign: PART ONE

Come and learn to read the signs in the snow! This event will help attendees discover the habitats and behaviors of wildlife and learn how to have the mind of a tracker. This is a TWO PART event! Part One will be hosted via ZOOM on March 4 2021 from 6:30-8:45 MST Part Two is […]

Winter’s Animal Tracks and Sign: PART TWO

Come to the field with Bruce S. Thompson and learn in-person techniques and knowledge to help identify animals tracks and various animal sign. Location will be at the Falls Creek parking area West of Dubois, WY.

Virtual Happy Hour with Jackson Hole Land Trust

Sara Bridge, ED of the National Bighorn Sheep Center in Dubois, will share the narrative of the declining Whiskey Mountain Herd. Once comprised of 2,500 sheep, the herd dwindles, with wildlife biologists counting fewer than 500 sheep today. Attend this session to learn more about this majestic mountain animal, diseases that affect bighorns, and historic and […]

Archeology in Bighorn Habitat with Larry Todd, PhD

This will be a captivating Zoom session hosted by NBSC and Larry Todd explaining the ancient connection between bighorns and the Mountain Shoshone. Learn about sheep traps, soapstone use, and a way of life that is but a humbling story for most to listen to. Larry Todd (BA, University of Wyoming; MA, PhD, University of […]


Bacterial Pathogens and Respiratory Disease in Bighorn Sheep – with Hank Edwards

Tune in to this engaging event covering the many mysteries of bacterial pathogens and respiratory disease in bighorn sheep. Presented by Hank Edwards, Wyoming Game & Fish Department Wildlife Health Laboratory supervisor, this online event will prove to be educational and hopefully shed light on a topic that plagues the minds of many. Please register […]

Screening of Denizens of the Steep at NBSC

Come to the screening of this backcountry film that tells the narrative of a bighorn sheep herd tucked back in Grand Teton National Park - an area accessed in the wintertime by recreationists; skiers and snowmobilers play a role in the lives of these bighorns and this film shares the impacts of these outdoor pursuits […]


Sheep Center Community Hike

Meet at the wildlife-viewing kiosk off Trail Lake road for a fun, educational and community-based hike. Staff from the NBSC will lead the hike in the Whiskey Basin area from the kiosk to educate and answer any questions regarding bighorn sheep and the surrounding habitat. Bring a lunch and appropriate hiking gear for a day […]


iNaturalist Training

Dubois Invasive Species Watch Training Using iNaturalist May 15, 2021 from 9:00 - 11:00 Meet at Pete's Pond parking area in Dubois, WY Please register ahead of time by emailing so we know how many people to expect. Before you attend this training, download the iNaturalist app onto your smartphone. If possible, please watch the virtual training here or […]


Kid’s Corner: Explore Mason Draw!

“Kids Corner”: Dubois Museum: Bailey Tire & Pit Stop Travel Center Children’s Exploration Series. $3.00 per person Kids Corner #1: Explore Mason Draw! This program will focus on teaching kids to hike in the outdoors while learning about plants, birds, animals, rocks, and the different ways sediments deposit in stream beds. Be sure to bring water, snack, […]


Kid’s Corner: Color Crazy

How does color make it easier to survive? Come learn about different types of camouflage in nature and make your very own critter that can blend in with its surrounding environment! Located at the National Bighorn Sheep Center, 10 Bighorn Lane.


Ten Reasons our Badlands are Anything but Bad – Parts 1 & 2

Part 1: June 10 - An educational presentation via ZOOM, tune in with Bruce S. Thompson to learn about the habitat and ecology of the Dubois Badlands. 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Part 2: June 12 Field Day - Meet at the King Fisher Trailhead at 9:00 AM for a hike! Bruce S. Thompson will […]


Kid’s Corner: Amazing Animals

Animals are incredible athletes! Come learn about some of their impressive skills, adaptations, and athleticism and see how your skills compare to theirs. This will be a fun, immersive lesson and will open eyes to how wild animals are so adaptive to their environments. Located at the National Bighorn Sheep Center, 10 Bighorn Lane.


Botany Hike – with Meredith Taylor and Lynn Stewart

Take this educational hike and learn about local botany! Wildflowers, shrubs, forbs: all plants to be identified on this outdoor hike. Folks will head out the East Fork east of Dubois with Meredith and Lynn and hike from approximately 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM. This hike will take place on Shoshone National Forest lands on […]